Luxury and harmony

Family paradise

The villa's interior is designed to be in harmony with the surrounding nature, with natural tones and materials complementing the exquisite ambiance.

Spacious living spaces with huge windows provide unending sea views, and each apartment oozes comfort and refined touches.

The furniture layout is designed to maximize the utilization of each position for uninterrupted enjoyment of the available vista afforded by this unique location.
View from the kitchen to the dining room and sea view / GROUND FLOOR

Living room and dining room

Residence of dreams

Every area exudes Mediterranean charm, creating a sense of enchantment and ethereal beauty. Natural light floods spacious and sophisticated living areas, and carefully selected materials provide a touch of grandeur.

The use of details in natural stone rustic processing adds to the formation of an environment with the only objective of delivering a sense of relaxation and connection to nature.

The attention to detail, combined with the use of high-quality and sumptuous materials, raises the entire facility to a higher level.
Living room and dining room


Experience the magic

Culinary artisans will find themselves in heaven in modernly equipped kitchens. The practical layout of kitchen appliances and storage space provides the most efficient use of space capacity.

Prepare your favorite juices and coffee beverages in the special area of the bar designated for this purpose, and you can relax by the pool with the sunset in only a few steps.

Master room

Option 1

Villas' master bedrooms are a natural sanctuary of luxury and relaxation. Each has been meticulously planned to provide you with the best possible stay experience. These spacious and bright rooms are bathed with natural light, creating a warm and peaceful atmosphere, and the ambient lighting helps you unwind after the day's activities in the evening.

Natural tones dominate the interiors, accentuating the Mediterranean beauty and connection with nature. The big windows provide a lovely view of the sea, which adds to the overall sensation of calm and carelessness.

Master room

Option 2

The master bedrooms are outfitted with modern conveniences, allowing you to conclude the day with your favorite movie or begin the day with music. A separate make-up area enables you to prepare for the day or evening comfortably.

Each room has its bathroom, which is furnished with the same care as the rest of the home. It contains everything you need for total relaxation and refreshment.

Master room

Option 3

A hallway wardrobe is intended to keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories neat while providing a feeling of beauty and usefulness.

Luxury and comfort merge in perfect harmony in these villas' master bedrooms, providing a space where you will feel distinct and appreciated.

Master bath

Experience the magic

Each of the four bedrooms features a spacious bathroom with high-quality details. The bathroom is meticulously created in natural tones to create a sense of warmth and calm. These bathrooms' spaciousness creates a sense of freedom and ease.

A separate shower area creates intimacy, while a vast bathtub creates luxury and relaxation. The bathtub has a view of the bedroom, which adds a sense of luxury to your relaxing moments. The glass panel that separates the bathroom and the bedroom provides a stunning view of the sea, bringing light and nature's beauty into the space. The glass panel can be darkened with roller curtains to provide privacy.

These master bathrooms are ideal for unwinding and escaping the stresses of everyday life.

Fragrant corner

BBQ under the olive trees

The open kitchen in these villas is a veritable haven for lovers of good food and socializing. The patio, at the back of the house, under the shadow of olive trees, is ideal for hosting family and friends.

This area has been thoughtfully designed to provide you with intimacy and privacy, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere free of distractions. With natural shade and a pleasant breeze, you will feel like you are in a tranquil paradise away from the stresses of everyday life.

A wide table for family dinners or a spot to host friends gives the ideal setting for memorable experiences. With the aroma of barbecue drifting through the air, you will enjoy tasty meals and pleasant chats in a setting where lovely memories are built and free time is spent in unique surroundings.