Luxurious ambiance and exterior

Harmony of elegance and nature


    The private pool with a sea view becomes a sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation. You will experience incomparable moments and a sense of utter freedom with an unimpeded view of the infinite blue of the Adriatic Sea.

  • Green Oasis of Olives

    These beautiful villas are surrounded by lush olive trees, providing quiet and an added connection with nature. Discover the healing power of Mediterranean plants as you walk through this green oasis.

  • Unique Beauty

    Enjoy this unique combination of modern elegance and stunning surroundings. The luxurious villa will become your private haven, where you may bask in life's grandeur and timeless splendor.

  • Discover your Dream Residence

    This is the villa where all your dreams will come true. Experience a unique blend of modern design and nature's wealth. Become the owner of this beautiful residence and find a little piece of heaven in Žanjica, on the Luštica peninsula.

Your Residence of Luxury and Nature is waiting for you.

Facade stone / material detail

Wood cladding for the facade / material detail

High-quality materials

Natural materials in harmony with the environment

The luxury property's white stone facade and wooden features radiate charm and simple elegance, while this lavish residence integrates seamlessly with the gorgeous landscape surrounding it.

The pergola on the roof exemplifies the perfect combination of architecture and nature. You will enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea while basking in the sun's warmth and the sea breeze's coolness.

Endless Sea View

Privacy at every step

Each villa is positioned at the top of the plot, providing a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea's limitless blue. Every day, you will be treated to stunning sunsets and beautiful marine colors.

Because of their remote position, these villas provide perfect quiet and privacy. Feel as if you have the entire world to yourself while enjoying the modern amenities.

Refreshments on your own beach

Your exclusive oasis

Relax carefree by your private pool, surrounded by a beautiful lawn with olive trees providing natural shade. Refresh yourself in your private infinity pool, relax in the sun, and surrender to the warmth of the Mediterranean breeze.

These villas exemplify excellence and allow you to live your desires. Be a part of an elite lifestyle, reserve your piece of paradise, and live a life unlike any other.

Through the olive trees

Private gondola lift

The villas are the ideal blend of luxury and functionality, with their private gondola lift that transfers you pleasantly from the parking lot to the villa entrance. This unique alternative enhances the charm and convenience of your stay.

The coast and beaches are less than 5 minutes away due to the ideal position. An electric golf car-buggy is given for each villa as an added convenience for future owners to make your stay and movement easier.

Structure and advantages of the villas

Reflects luxury and quality


    You will live in a quiet bay, away from the noise and bustle of the city, but close to the most fabulous restaurants, beaches, and family entertainment. Emergency medical, fire, and utility services are only a short distance away, and all essential assistance can be obtained in as little as fifteen minutes. Each villa has a plot of 2,300m2 that cascades down to the level of the garage entry, a plateau for relaxation with an open fireplace in the olive grove in the center part of the plot, and a modern villa with a pool area on the tallest cascade. Stairs or a panoramic elevator can take you to the house and pool level.


    Our concept portrays a peaceful existence by the sea, away from the rush and bustle of the city, with the most stunning sunsets in this region of the Adriatic. Villas share architectural forms and shapes that do not interfere with nature and are properly fitted into the structure of the existing landscape.