Welcome to a luxurious dream.

Start a new adventure

This lovely oasis can become your new home and a location for unforgettable moments with family and friends. Your new adventure starts here, near Žanjice.

Enjoy this unique combination of modern elegance and stunning surroundings. The luxurious villa will become your private haven, where you may bask in life's grandeur and timeless splendor.

Experience the magic!

Enter the world of luxury and elegance with our exquisite villas in a green oasis in the enchanting place of Žanjice on Montenegro's gorgeous peninsula of Luštica.

These outstanding properties combine superior comfort, breathtaking sea views, a private outdoor swimming pool, a big courtyard with olive plants, and a separate garage, providing the ideal refuge of peace and tranquility. These villas will quickly become your favorite spot for relaxation and enjoyment in a luxury setting.

Lustica Villas

High-quality materials

Natural materials in harmony with the environment

The luxury property's white stone facade and wooden features radiate charm and simple elegance, while this lavish residence integrates seamlessly with the gorgeous landscape surrounding it.

The pergola on the roof exemplifies the perfect combination of architecture and nature. You will enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea while basking in the sun's warmth and the sea breeze's coolness.
Lustica Villas prednji pogled